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Do You have a Leonardo DiCaprio Page?
Even better, do you have a BANNER?

Obviously, I have a page, and I also have a few banners. If you have a banner, and you want one of mine, I would be happy to swap with you! You have a choice of several banners:

Things to remember when filling out the form:
>Make sure you specify the banner number you want.
>Make sure you include the html of your banner.
>Make sure you remember to tell me your e-mail address.
*PLEASE NOTE* If you do not want to swap banners, DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM! I get soo many blank forms sent to me. thanks :)
Name (optional, but preferred):


My Banner's HTML:

PLEASE!! enter the whole html, ie:
[a href="your page here"] [img src="banner url here"] not just the banner image, got it? good.
Which banner do you want?
1. 2. 3.

These are the banners I have swapped for. GO AHEAD, CLICK ON ONE!
(They all link to good pages, promise!)

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